Lord & Cliff Fusion Hair Extension LOOSE DEEP WAVE - 16inch Human Hair - 80piece

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Lord & Cliff Fusion Hair Extension LOOSE DEEP WAVE - 16inch Human Hair - 80piece
Lord & Cliff Loose Deep Wave 16"
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Pre-bonded with Protein Base Glue bond tips
  • Remi Hair (top quality hair available in market)
  • Cuticle one way direction

    Washing ever other day or twice a week is recommended verses washing everyday.

    Wash hair in cool or warm water; avoid extremely hot water.

    Brushing hair with metal brush (wig brush) before and after washing is recommended.

    Drying hair naturally is recommended.

    Using styling equipments...

    Hair dryer-cool or warm air only.
    Avoid extremely heated hair.
    Avoid extremely strong air blow on curly textures.

    Flat irons & other heated styling equipments
    -Do not use on bonded areas. Use equipments on on non bonded areas on Fusion Hair Extensions.

    Almost all styling equipments can be used in styling.
    On some equipment, temperature can go up as high as 400 degrees or more such as stove iron.
    Be sure that you are aware of the equipment tempurature before styling.
    Just like you own hair, Fusion Human Hair Extensions can be damaged due to extreme heat.
    Extreme heat will not only damage the product, but it will damage your hair as well.

    Using chemicals...

    Relaxer- Fully treat your hair with relaxer 24 hours before bonding Fusion Hair Extension.
    While wearing Fusion Hair Extensions, only touch up treatments should be done.
    Seek your Fusion Extension Hair Extension Beautician in doing so.
    Do not apply color on bonded areas. Rinse with fave down.

    Everyday hair styling products can be used.
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