Fromm Rhythm 5.25inch Hair Shears - Model 780

Fromm Rhythm 5.25inch Hair Shears - Model 780
Fromm Edge Ahead Rhythm 5 1/4" Hair Shears - Model 780

Professional, stainless steel blades.
  • Zinc Chrome-plated offset handles.
  • Silencing bumper and detachable finger rest.
  • Blue finger ring

    Lets Face It.
    Stylists can turn a person's world upside down with a new look. Edge-Ahead, a shining example of the power of change - a beautiful line of shears from Fromm, wrapped in a radical new look.

    Shear care: Wipe your shear blades daily with a soft, dry cloth to remove moisture and fragments of hair. Put a drop of oil between the blades while opening and closing the shears seveal times. Wipe any excess oil before the next use. Store in a dry place. Avoid dropping or bringing shears into contact with hard objects. Use these shears only to cut hair.

    All Fromm products carry a Lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. Fromm will repair or replace defective products at no charge. Simply return the product to Fromm with a sales receipt.