Enstyle Comfort Wig - ENSTYLE 004 - 100% Kanekalon / Toyaklon

Enstyle Comfort Wig - ENSTYLE 004 - 100% Kanekalon / Toyaklon


Comfort Enstyle Cap has an advanced design to fit natural and lightly. The softest and finest materials used to increase comfort level. 'No' falling off with Comfort Enstyle Cap that is made scientifically to fit human head. 'No' more itching and sweating with improved breathability Comfort Enstyle Cap. Comfort Enstyle Comb is made just for your head to fit perfect and feel perfect.

  • Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild shampoo.
  • Swish wig gently in basin.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water.
  • Shake out and drip dry.
  • Do not brush, blow dry or heat style while wet - this can permanently damage the fiber.
  • Do not use curling irons or other heating appliances.
  • No setting is neceesary as curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry. Brush into desired style only after wig is completely dry.