Dr. Miracles HOT GRO Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner - 4 oz

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Dr. Miracles HOT GRO Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner - 4 oz
Dr Miracle's 'Feel It' Formula
HOT GRO - Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner

Promotes strong, shiny, healthy, growing hair

My Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment Conditioner is my prescription for ending those slow growth problems.
  • 'Feel It' formula's tingling sensation supports strong hair and healthy scalp.
  • Stimulates blood flow to the scalp helping to end slow growth problems.
  • Thermalceutical complex wakes up your sleeping hair follicles.
  • Ends breakage and lack of shine.
  • Moisturizes, conditions and invigorates hair and scalp.

    My Hot Gro formula helps to end slow growth for my families hair... I'm sure it will work wonders on yours!
    Excellent on relaxed, braided, weaved or natural hair!

    How To Use: Use twice daily. Apply directly to scalp and massage gently. Now experience my 'Feel It' Formula. Use on your hair especially on the ends as a finishing touch. Leave-in. Style as usual.

    SUPER STRENGTH Formula is for folks who need a more intense tingling sensation.

    Ingredient: petrolatum, butyrospermum parkll (shea butter), mineral oil, salicylic acid, ispropyl myristate, carthamus tinctorius seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, ricinus communis seed oil, methol, menthone glycerin acetal, D&C yellow #11, D&C green #6, D&C red #17, propylparaben

    Try my Conditioning Shampoo folowed by my leave in conditioner. This twosome moisturizes and conditions, leaving your hair strong, healthy and shiny . to complete your look, try any of my styling product.

    "Growing up, i remember my mother and sisters wishing they could get their hair healthy and keep it healthy. So i made sure my product include proteins and nutrient-rich ingredients, like vitamins & natural oils, that go beyond conditioning to nourish hair down to the core. Now the women in my family-and you-can get and keep soft, shiny, strong, healthy, beautiful hair"
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