Doo Gro SMOOTH & STRAIGHT AntiBreakage NO LYE Relaxer Kit (NO CA)

Doo Gro SMOOTH & STRAIGHT AntiBreakage NO LYE Relaxer Kit (NO CA)
Due to regulations this item is NOT available to sell and/or ship to the state of California.

Doo Gro SMOOTH & STRAIGHT AntiBreakage NO LYE Relaxer Kit
Conditioning Moisturizing Formula with Aloe Vera & Shea Butter.

Enriched with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to provide you the most amazing relaxed hair you'll ever experience! This exclusive ANTI BREAKAGE NO LYE SYSTEM has been developed to condition your hair during every phases of the relaxer process while it helps stop damage and promotes strong, healthy, growing hair!

1. HOW TO MIX: LIQUID ACTIVATOR MUST BE MIXED WITH NO-LYE RELAXER BEFORE APLYING TO HAIR. Using the wooden spatula, make a small hollow center in the relaxer (step A). Pour the entire contents of the activator (step B) into the realxer (step A). Stir until relaxer is soft and ceramy without any lumps. Do not allow mixed relaxer to stand for more than 30 minutes prior to relaxer application.

2. APPLICATION: Cover shoulders with towel. Gently comb your hair to remove all tangles. Be careful not to pull hair or scratch the scalp. part your hair into 4 section (down the center and from ear to ear). now apply protective gel to skin around hairline, including the forehead, neck, ears, and other known sensitive areas. Be sure to also apply protective gel to top of your ears. START TIMER - Carefully review timing guides as determined by the stand test. DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED FOR YOUR HAIR TYPE.

FOR VIRGIN/UNRELAXED HAIR: Starting at the back section, make small 1/4" partings and apply relaxer with the back of the wide tooth comb. Keep relaxer 1/8" from scalp. Be careul not to overlap onto previously relaxed hair. Apply relaxer generouly. Work up to the crown, then to the front sections. Apply to the hairline last. APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 5-8 MINUTES. DISCARD ANY UNUSED RELAXER AFTER APPLICATION.

RETOUCH/NEW GROWTH: If your hair has been previously relaxed hair. Never apply sooner than 6 weeks following your last relaxer. APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED WITH IN 5-8 MINUTES. DISCARD ANY UNUSED RELAXER AFTER APPLICATION.

3. SMOOTHING: When realxer application is completed, begin smoothing your hair in the same order in which the relaxer was applied. With your fingers or the back of a wide toothed comb, use short firm strokes following your hair's natural growth pattern. Don't pull or stretch hair. be creful not to overlap onto previously relaxed hair. DONT EXCEED RECOMMENDED PROCESSING TIME. bE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERLAP ONTO PREVIOULY RELAXED HAIR. DISCARD GLOVES AFTER SMOOTHING.

5. RINSING: Rinse hair thoroughly with luke warm water making sure to rmeove all tarces of relaxer. Pay special attention to ears, nape and hairlines. Gently towel or blot dry hair.

6. SHAMPOOING: Apply 1/2 of the bottle of DOO GRO smooth & straight neutralizing shampoo with color indicator to hair. Gently work up a full lather. Rinse well and repeat. DOO GRO smooth & straight Neutralizing shampoo with color indicator is formulated to let you know when the relaxer is completely removed from your hair,. if lather appears pink, there is still some relaxer left inthe hair. When realxer is completely out of the hair, lather will be white rinse all shampoo from hair and towel blot dry.

7. AFTER RELAXER RECONSTRUCTOR: Apply a liberal amount of DOO GRO Smooth & Straight Rinse Out Reconstructor throughout hair. Gently use fingertips to evenly distribute throughout hair fro
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