DonT-B-Bald Hair Care System - 4 oz jar

DonT-B-Bald Hair Care System - 4 oz jar
The Original Formula's (tm)
Don't B Dry Hair Care System from Pride and Power
Net Wt 4 oz
DBD Hair Products
Hair moisture factors allow the hair to be less drying and brittle. May be used on natural, relaxed, curled or pressed hair.

Instructions: Before using this product, read the ingredients first. An allergic reaction can occur, such as skin irritation or hair loss. Do a preliminary patch test before applying to the entire scalp. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.
Keep away from small children and open flames. Do not put on face or body.

Directions: Part hair and apply to the scalp and massage. Style the hair as desired. Don't Be Dry may be used two times per week, or as desired.

Choose your favorite formula:
  • Herbal - Contains Natural Herbs: Cactus, Aloe Vera, Hemp
  • Mink Oil - For Extra Dry Hair - For Brittle Hair
  • Ointment - For Dry Scalp
  • Temple - Double the Vitamins - For Thin, Stressed, Fragile, Tension Pulled Temples
  • Super Ointment - For extremely Dry Scalp. Don't-B-Bald Super Ointment softens and moisturizes dry scalp and hair. Helps control the symptoms of dry scalp. Can be used on natural, pressed and relaxed hair.
  • Hair & Scalp Dress - For Thin Hair Areas - Promotes Healthy Hair.
  • Cream Nourishment - Non-Greasy, For All Nationalities