DivaDolls DrawString APRIL - 10inch to 14inch

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DivaDolls DrawString APRIL - 10inch to 14inch
DivaDolls DrawString APRIL - 10inch to 14inch

Diva Doll brand is made from the finest quality synthetic blend material for hair that looks, shines, and movs like healthy human hair. to give you a mroe natural look, hair is securely attached tofully-folded weaving trakcs with a lustrous finish. Product is non-flammable.

Enriched With the Highest Quality Fiber

Synthetic fiber is made with the highest quality fiber. Its material that looks like human hair but is made from non-human materials. Most synthetic hair are made with some type of plastic.

Synthetic hair styles:
  • Wigs
  • Dome
  • Weave
  • Bulk
  • Hair extension etc...

    Synthetic hair Care:
    1. Untangle using a wide tooth comb.
    2. wet hair with cool water and apply shampoo
    3. Rinse with cool water
    4. Air dry

    Most synthetic hair are sensitive to heat due to the fact that they are made of plastic. Curling and strightening irons shoud never be used on most type of synthetic hair.

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