Davidoff Cool Water EDTSP - 4.2oz - Men

Davidoff Cool Water EDTSP - 4.2oz - Men
Fragrance: lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk, sandalwood

Deceptively simple in composition, Cool Water is one of those masculine colognes that merges with a man’s skin and reads more like his personal aura than a perfume. This is its charm and the artistry behind legendary perfumer Pierre Bourdon’s sleight of hand. And yet, this particular fragrance has launched a thousand upstarts, which try but never succeed in surpassing its lethally attractive whisper. From crab apple and lavender to citrus, all the way through subtle driftwood and hushed amber and musk, Cool Water is a modern classic that is dependable for any season and any occasion. You can’t but like the guy who wears it!

Cool Water - Davidoff
Eau de Toilette


4.2 FL OZ