Clubman Pinaud Nick Safe - .25oz

Clubman Pinaud Nick Safe - .25oz
Clubman Pinaud Nick Safe - .25oz
Styptic powder

  • Stop bleeding from minor nicks and cuts
  • No stinging or skin irritation
  • Helops to speed healing

    Clubman products help keep your face neat and tidy, whether you are clean shaven or sport the biggest moustache or beard in town. From top quality shave talc, moustache wax, and styptic aids Clubman products will make a noticeable and more comfortable difference. Founded in France in 1810.

    Usage: Stop bleeding cuased by minor surface cuts and abrasions that may occur during Shaving.

    Directions: Remove plastic cap from cile and hold nozzle one inch from affected area. Gently squeeze wile to release styptic powder covering the cut liberally.


    UPC: 070066812008