Brittny Coopy Net

Brittny Coopy Net
Birttany's Coopy Net
Hand Made

Brittny's Coopy Net is made with the most high quality and it comes in variety of colors. Brittny's Coopy net is to be wore on the head which creates a style that will stand out and attract attention. This product is handmade with the best quality. this professional quality is handmade so each stitch and join is carefully and with the most utter care put together. Each part of the coopy net is closely pay attention to and creates a wonderful style for all season round. this product can be worn in so many ways. Brittny's Coopy net comes in amazing color such as burgandy, black, gold, green, pink, red, sky blue, white, and yellow. with this varity of color choices its amazing how wonderful this could be use for a gift or just to wear for youselfs.
Brittny's coopy net when worn gives your hair room to breath because of the small hole that it provide. this product is made with the best handmade quality that has no comparision. can be worn with any style and in any way desired.