Bosley Liquid Styling Gel Treatment - 6oz spray

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Bosley Liquid Styling Gel Treatment - 6oz spray
This product contains the Bosley Complex a formulation of interlocking polypeptides amino acids proteins and plant extracts. These ingredients nourish and invigorate hair and scalp. Building immediate volume and maximizing the thickness of thinning hair. Prepares hair and scalp to receive maximum benefits from other Bosley health hair complex products. Safe of color-treated hair.

Use: Use daily. Rinse thoroughly for best results, follow with Bosley hair regrowth treatment which contains the only active ingredient clinically proven to help stop hair loss and encourage regrowth

Ingredients: water. Glycerin, Behentrimomium Methosulfate, Celatye alcohol, Quaferrium-75 cetyle alcholhol jojoba off hydrolyze wheat and others.