Bohyme Gold - Silky Straight Weaving Hair - 100% Human Hair - 18inch

Bohyme Gold -  Silky Straight Weaving Hair - 100% Human Hair - 18inch

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The Finest Human-Hair Without Cuticles

Brand: Bohyme Gold Collection Length: 18inch
Weft: Machine tied weft

Superior Quality, Luster, Full Body, Long Life
The preferred choice of hair professionals worldwide

Bohyme is the name trusted by top salon professionals worldwide. It is the first 100% remi human hair available in the market, the highest qulaity available you and your customers. Rei hair is exclusie to the Bohyme line of 100% human hair. Bohyme begins with selecting the best raw hair, which goes throught our extensive control methods to ensure exceptional quality. Each strand is hand picked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction so no tangling occurs. Beause of our endless efforts to ensure the best and use of the most advanced technology, Bohyme will consistently deliver:
Superior Quality, Luster, Full Body and Long Life
Professional Use Only

I set the colors side by side under light, and had the following observations:
  • Color #10 and #12 appear to be same shade. (I could not tell difference)
  • Color #18 is lighter than #10 & #12. Like a Medium Brown.
  • Color #22 and #24 are similar, except that #22 is lighter.
  • Of Blonds from lightest to darkest, are: color #22, #24, and then #16.

    Bohyme Silky Straight - Remi MACHINE TIED Weaving Hair - 18 inch