BMB Super Lace Glue for Lace Wigs - .4oz tube

BMB Super Lace Glue for Lace Wigs - .4oz tube
Super Lace Glue has been specially formulated to bring you an invisible, long lasting and worry free bonding sensation to make it feel like your hair. If you had problems getting a long lasting glue to last long, then you will LOVE the strength and security offered by Super Lace Glue.
  • NO MESS!
  • Fast and easy, New stronger Formula
  • Crazy Hold Tube

    Direction: Cleanse skin with alcohol to remove all dirt and oil. Use the applicator nozzle tip with a brush and wooden stick to apply a thin coat of glue on the hairline evenly. Make sure the glue is dried before applying an additional coat for strength. While the glue is still sticky, apply lace wig onto the hairline and press for 1 minute or until firmly in place. Wait 15 minutes before you begin to style.

    Proper Scalp perparation Instructions:
    No matter how strong your hairpiece tape or glue is, it wont last as long if you do not clean and properly prepared your scalp. Proper scalp preparation is the key to getting the most out of your bond. Falling to properly clean and prepare your scalp will significantly decrease the length of time your system will stay secure.

    Removing Glue Residue:
    Use our special Super Citrus Clue Remover with paper towel and rub vigorously until your scalp is clear if any residue or you can use a wel cloth or towel. Wash and dry hair completely hefore applying glue

    1. Wooden stick for an even layer, to adjust the hairline and to take off lace wigs.
    2. Glue brush

    Acrylic Resin, Ethyl Acetate, BOP
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