Blossom Angled Blush Brush #39701

Blossom Angled Blush Brush #39701
Blending and Contouring

Perfect tool for contouring and blending cheek color or bronzer

Care Tip: Wash with mild soap and water, then air dry

blossom Angled blush brush gives you a great blend, and precise application. Blossom angled brush features a angle head with a sturdy handle. This brush contains a silky smooth bristle and have a soft glide on your face. the angle brush gives you this easy way to apply makeup to your cheeks.
Blossom angled brush also gives you this effortless sleek glide to your cheeks. This brush is a great tool to apply any kind of powder to you cheeks and face. this grush can be use on either wet or dry products.
Blossom angled brush provide exact precision to your applications. angled blush brush is apply to your cheekbone and with a circular motion blend your cosmetics. This angled brush can bend all of your blush and have a contouring effect.
Blossom angles blush brush is a tool used to give definitions to your cheeks.