Bigen Permanent powder Haircolor kit

Bigen Permanent powder Haircolor kit



Bigen Permanent powder Haircolor kit

Permanent powder hair Color

. No Ammonia

. No Hydrogen Peroxide Required

Read the instruction leaflet carefully before use. hair color product can cause an allergic reaction, which in cetain rare cases may be severe.


Allergies can develop unexpectedly even if you have been coloring your hair for some time. Be sure to do the following skin test 48 hours before each application.

1. Wash a small area of skin on inner of elbow and pat-dry.

2. Take a pinch of Bigen powder in a non-metallic bowl or cup and mix with room-temerature water to make a paste.

3. Apply the mixture to the test area with a cotton swab. Allow the area todrya nd elave undisturbed for 48 hours.

4. If you notice any signs of burning, swelling, redness or irritation during 48 hours, you must not use this product. If there is no reaction in 48 hours, you can proceed to color your hair.


. Read and follow all the instructions carefully and completely.


. Keep away from extreme temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight


. Do a preliminary skin test 48 hours before each appilcation.

. DO NOT use this product if you want to tint lighter as the product is designed to cover gray and enrich your natural hair color without lift.

. Shampoo 24 hours in advance if your hair is very oily or has excessive hair styling product buildup.

. DO NOT use over metallic dyes, henna or color restores.

. Never use on eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness. ETC...

CAUTION: This product cotnains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product must not

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. Complete the preliminary skin test 48 hours before each application.

. Wear suitable gloves supplied in teh carton

. Cover shoulders with a towel or Cape

. Be sure hair is cealn and free of styling product buildup

. To Prevent staining, Apply Cold cream around your ears, hairline and the nape of your neck.

. Damp paper towel (to wipe skin if hair color gets on it)


. Pour Bigen Powder into a Non-metallic Bowl or Cup. Add room-temperature TAP Water (Do Not use Hot or Boiling water.) in proper measurement specified on the chart below.

. Mix well with a brush to make a smooth thick consistency.

Do not worry if the color of the mixture on your hair looks different from your sesired color.


. Quickly apply the mixture on dry hair.

If you are partially gray haired, start application where the hair is most gray.


1. Apply on new growth, wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

2. If necessary apply on ends 5 to 10 min. Before washing out your hair.


. Total time of applicationand developing should not exceed 40 min. to prvent hair color from becoming too dark. Check color development several times by wiping a strand of teh hair with a cotton ball or paper tissue to adjust your developing time. Once desired color is obtained, proceed to rinse your hair.


. Rinse hair thorughly with warm water until water runs clear and shampoo well.


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