Batik Naomi Yaki BULK Hair - 18inch Kanekalon

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Batik Naomi Yaki BULK Hair - 18inch Kanekalon



The world's finest hightech blend hair.

100% Kanekalon Fiber

Premium Multi Blend

Hair is folded at top, so, some call it 36" hair

New Tech Blend

Looks and Feels So Close to Healthy Human Hair

Weaving Tracks Feature a Superior Finish

Non-Shedding, Fully Folded

Non-Flammable for Your Safety


Carefully wash with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo

Finger comb while washing. Do not rub or twist hair. Rinse

Apply Conditioner and rinse. Use leave-in conditioner if desired.

Gently squeeze out excess water and towel blot. Do not roll or rub the hair dry in the towel.

Drip-dry the hair. When completely dry, style as desired. Use a whole toothed comb when styling.

Apply hair lotion or moisturizer.

Do not use any heating appliances.

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