Avanti Fashion Tips # A-005 Zebra

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Avanti Fashion Tips # A-005 Zebra
Avanti Fashion Tips
Easy, No-Glue Application

Wear, Remove and Wear Again

  • 24 Professional Quality Nail Tips
  • 40 Adhesive Tabs

    Preparation: Before applying Avanti Fashion Tips, you must first clean and dry your natural nails.

  • After cleaning and drying your natural nails, select the appropriate size Avanti Fashion Tip for each finger.
  • To apply Avanti Fashion Tips you must first apply the enclosed adhesive tabs to your fingernails.
  • Remove the adhesive tabs from the backing sheet and apply to your natural nails by placing the sticky side on your nails. Press firmly.
  • Peel the paper backing from the top of the adhesive tabs.
  • Apply Avanti Fashion Tips, pressing firmly to ensure proper adhesion.

    Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for several minutes, and then remove tips. If they do not come off easily, repeat the soaking procedure.

    Avanti Fashion Tips are designed for convenient, easy application and removal. You may, however, apply with the nail glue of your choice and wear from extended periods of time.