ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit

ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit

This two-part system strengthens with its amino acid protein blend and then softens the hair with moisturizers and emollients. The amino acid blend infuses polymers to strengthen the framework of the hair. No hair dryer required and is quick, easy and effective. It bans hair damage for weeks. Improves strength and texture. Prepares porous hair for color services. Rebonds weak spots in damaged hair. Combats splits and hair loss due to breakage. Improves body, styling and elasticity. Each kit contains a 3oz tube of the Amino Acid blend and a 3oz tube of the Protective Moisturizer. Depending on hair length and thickness, each kit contains three to four applications.


Step 1 Directions:
Dispense a small amount of product
into palm and work throughout
clean, towel dried hair. For best
results cover with a plastic cap. NO
DRYER NEEDED. Leave on 5 minutes,
10 minutes for thicker, coarser hair.
Product will dry and thicken, bonding
into areas of damage. Rinse excess
product THOROUGHLY with warm
water. Always follow with Step Two.


Step 2 Directions:
Apply product evenly through hair.
Leave on for one minute to allow
penetration of moisturizers, vitamins
and botanical extracts. Rinse
thoroughly with warm, then cooler
water. Dry and style as usual.