Annie Wig Clips - 12packs of 2clips - 24 total wig clips

Annie Wig Clips - 12packs of 2clips - 24 total wig clips

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Annie wig clips are small comblike clips that make the wig on your had stay secured and prevent any movements.
Annie wig clips are package in a 12 packs with 2 clips so there are 24 total wigs clips in one bag.
Annie wig clips are made to hold your wig in place on your head.
this wig clips can also be sew on into the wig, which keep it on your head.
wig clips can be sew to your wig, hairpiece etc. by doing so you are making your wig more secure when attach to your hair.
annie wig clips come in two different colors, and two different sizes. the sizes for these wig clips depends on how much hair you have. the larger grip wig clips will have more grip than the smaller wig clip.

Here is how a wig clip is use.
lay your wig down, where the opening is facing you. positions your wig clips to be around the rim of the wig. Make sure that the teeth is pointing in and now out. position your wig clip to the best and secure spot on the wig. usually these position are your two temple, and the space around the back of your head. If you want you can sew the wig clip onto the wig. take a thread and needle the wig clips until all are secure my itself.
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