Annie Spiral Rods

Annie Spiral Rods
4 inches Tall
5/8 inch Wide

6 inches Tall
3/4 inch wide

6 inches Tall
1/2 inch Wide

Annie Spiral rods
The Annie Spiral rods gives your hair a non-permanent spiral curl. Annie spiral rods create a natural curl. It is also easy to use.
The spiral curl can also be done with people that have extremely straight hair.

  • Shampoo hair as normal. then towel dry
  • if neccessary apply gel to your hair if you want your spiral to last longer.
  • separate the sections of hair from your head and for tight curls or larger curls use according to sizes.
  • slide the hair under the spiral hooks and swirl your hair between the grooves that are give.
  • snap on the clasp that was provided
  • then repeat for your head of hair.
  • After all your hair sections have been spiral blow dry it with a hair dryer.
  • finally take off the clasp and the first rod. start from bottom to top.