Annie Silkette Scrunchie #8750

Annie Silkette Scrunchie #8750
Annie Silkette Scrunchie #8750

Scrunchies hold your hair and layers in place.

Scrunchies holds your hair and layers in place, annie scrunchie is a loop of elastic cover with tartan pattern fabric and its used to hold hair in place like a ponytail etc.
Annie hair scrunchie is a elastic hair tie that are fabic-cover, commonly used to hold long hair and gives a great style with a great design. Annie scrunchie comes in a two pack with two different color scrunchies. They both have a tartan pattern with the color of black and tan.
Annie hiar scrunchie are accessory for your hair used to tie hair up into a bun. it give your hair a great style and have a great appearance on your hair. These pattern gives your hair character and a great trend.
Annie scrunchie was design to express your hair in a fashionable way. it creates a good look with glamorous styles. it also give a distinct style that no one else have.
the elastic that surround the fabric can extend to hold hair in alot of style, and abundance of directions. It also hold hair in place for a long period of time, annie scrunchie hold hair tightly and compact to secure its position.

UPC: 705372087504