Annie Self Gripping Rollers

Annie Self Gripping Rollers
Velcro like rollers.

0.5 inch wide
2.5 inches tall

annie products has been a personal and beauty care products for many years. annie also present the best beauty products at an international level. this is a customer satisfying product.

The self gripping rolllers that annie present here is a soller that can stay on your hair all my itself without any pins, and for no fuss. Annie self gripping rollers comes in different color, shapes, and sizes.

  • after washing hair, let dry until 80% is dry
  • comb your hair into the style you want
  • comb through your hair and take a section that is smaller or equal to the roller, then apply hairspray
  • holding a roller at an angle(45-degree) brush roller bristles through the hair from the roots.
  • wind your hair around and under and then roll the roller up to your scalp. (make sure to set the directions that you want your hair to flow)
  • then blow dry your hair until dry
  • while blow drying heat the roller for at least 5 minutes
  • leave your hot roller in for 15 min. and let it cool to room temperature.
  • without tugging on the roller, remove roller carefully.
  • style as please.