Annie JUMBO Rake Comb - 14 teeth - 3inch teeth # 23

Annie JUMBO Rake Comb - 14 teeth - 3inch teeth # 23
Total length of comb: 8.5 inches

Annie jumbo rake comb comes with 14, 3 inches teeth that works great to untangle and comb very smoothly.
This comb is great for hair that are highly texturized. the teeth of this comb is very high so it makes detangling hair very easy and effortless. this comb doesnt snag hair as much as others combs because of its wide teeth and no ridges.

Annie jumbo rake comb is great for long, thick, bulky hair. its great to detangle hair that is either wet or dry.
the jumbo rake come from annie is made of a plastic material which is resistance to static. it is also resistance to most chemical that is present or not yet apply.
The annie jumbo rake comb is standard for course or textured hair and great for detangling tangle hair. the comb have teeths that are widthly apart for a smooth glide sensation through your hair. This comb, beacuse of its teeth and width will cause less pulling and tugging on your hair.

Annie Jumbo Rake Comb Number 1 for detangling hair, ideal for course and texture hair.!!