Annie Electrical Straightening Comb - Medium Curved Teeth #5531

Annie Electrical Straightening Comb - Medium Curved Teeth #5531
Hot Intense Heat - Smooth Finish

Annie Electrical Straightening Combs are designed for Professionals

Straightening Combs by Annie are designed for Professionals

  • Shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair. Apply pressing oil or cream press.
  • Blow dry hair and scalp completely. Section hair into equal amounts of about 1/2 the length and depth of the comb.
  • Heat comb in thermal stove according to hair type (low for fine, moderate for coarse) and test temperature. Comb is too hot if scorches a paper towel.
  • Hold sectioned hair away from the scalp. Comb hair outward, away from scalp, holding hair tightly against the back of the comb.
  • Clean the straightening comb before and after each use.

    1. Annie electrical straightng comb heats within one minutes
    2. Avoid touching or placing the straightening comb too close to skin or scalp, otherwise burns may result.
    3. Do not use the straightening comb with or near flammable products.
    4. Do not use more than once a month on same hair.
    5. Always unplug electrical straightening comb when not in use.
    6. For professional use only, extremely hot.

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