Andis Ultra Easy Cut - 8 Piece Clipper Kit - #18365

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Andis Ultra Easy Cut - 8 Piece Clipper Kit - #18365



Andis Ultra Easy Cut 8 Piece Clipper Kit

The Complete Home Clipper Kit for the Entire Family.

. Easy to Use

. Saves Money

. Convenient

8 Piece Kit Includes:

. Powerful magnetic motor clipper

. Two attachment combs: 1/16" and 3/8"

. Tapered barber comb

. Protective blade guard

. Lubricated blade oil

. Blade cleaning brush

. Instruction pamphlet

Careful workmanship and quality design have been hallmarks of Andis products since 1922.

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Please read the following insturctions before using your new Andis Clipper. Give it the care that a fine precision built instrument deserves and it will give you years of service. Before starting clipper remove blade guard. Plug cord into electrical outlet, operate at 120 volt, 60 cycle AC electrical current or as noted on the unit. To start clipper move switch button forward, to stop, move switch button back to original position. After using your Andis clipper, rewrap cord and store in a safe place.


The internal mechanism of your clipper has been permanently lubricated at the factory. Other than the recommended maintenance descibed in this manual, no other maintenance should be performed, except by Andis Company or an Andis Authorized Service station.


Your Andis clipper has been adjusted to line coltage at the factory. However, because of voltage cariations it may be necessary to adjust the power setting for your area. if the power adjustment is off, you will usually notice a "clatter", when the clipper is "on" or intoduced into the hair. (It is normal for your clipper to "clatter" for an instant when intially turned on).


1. Oil the blades (Diagram A)

2. The power screw is located in the lower part of the housing opposite the weitch (Diagram B).

3. Turn your clipper "on"

4. Using a standard scredriver that fits the slot, turn the power screw clockwise until the clipper clatters continuously. Then turn the screw counter clockwise carefully until the clatter ceases.

5. Your clipper is now adjusted to its optimum power setting.


Due to the high speed natura of Andis clippers, please check for blade heat often, especially on close cutting blades. If blades are too hot, dip the blades only into Andis Blade care Plus or apply andis cool care plus and tehn Andis Clipper Oil. If you have detachable blades unit, you can change your blades in order to maintain a comfortable temperature; use multiple blades of the same size is popular among groomers.


Blades should be oiled before, during, and after each use. If your clipper blades elave streaks or slow down, its a sure sign baldes need oil. the clipper should be held in teh position show in Diagram C to prevent oil from getting into the motor. Place a few drop of Andis Clipper Blade Oil on the front and side of the cutter blades. Wipe excess oil off blades with a soft dry cloth. Spray lubricant contain insufficient oil for good lubriaction, but are an excellent clipper coolant. Always repalce broken or icked baldes to rpevent injury. You can clean the excess hair from your blades by using a small brush or worn out tooth brush. To clean the blades we suggest to immerse the blades only into a shallow pan of andis clipper blade cleaner.