Andis ULTRA Ceramic Styler 1875 Watts

Andis ULTRA Ceramic Styler 1875 Watts

Andis Ceramic Styler 1875 Watts 

. Ceramic Styler 1875 watts

. 3 Attachment Combs

. 1875 watts of drying power

. Cool shot button locks in style

. 3 air/heat settings

Congratulations! You just went first class when you bought this Andis product. Careful workmanship and quality design have been the hallmarks of Andis products since 1922.

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wide than the other). As a safety feature, the plug will firt in a polarized outlet onyl one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still doesn't fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat thsi safety feature. IF this unit shuts itself off, first press the reset button on teh ALC plug. If it still does not run, the thermal protectors that are built into this dryer may have operated. If the unit still does not run after being allowed to cool, return the unit for serving.

TURBO BOOST: This dryer is equipped with a turbo boost button. to ahcieve maximum power, just press the button located on the back top portion of the handle.

CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: Even-heat ceramic techology preserves natural oils and seals in moisture for shiny, silky, healthy hair.

USER-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS: This appliance does not require special maintenance, cleaning or lubrication. Service only thorugh Andis Authoirized Service Station. Untwist cord before use. After use, re-wrap cord and store unit in a safe place. Do not wrap cord tightly around appliance. Do not hang the unit by the power cord.


. The hair dryer must be umplugged before it is cleaned.

. Clean the external surfaces of the hair dryer with sponge or soft rag moistened with a mild soap and water solution. Do not use harsh cleaners, detergents, or solvents.

. Dry teh hair dryer thoroughly before use.

. Clean screen with vacuum cleaner.

HOW TO BLOW DRY: Towel-pat wet hair to remove excess water and to shorten drying time; untangle hair. Part hair into sections; blow dry hair section by section. Choose setting that is most comfortable and that gives best results. Heat molds and puffs up hair togive it body and fullness. The way you lift and dry damp hair a scalp, and turn theends, will determine the direction of the hair.


1. Plug the ALCI Shock Protection Plug into a 110-120 volt electrical outlet. Do not attempt to use any other electrical outlet.

2. Before attempting to switch the dryer on, perform the following test: Press the test button, the reset button should pop up. This comfirms that the safety plug is working properly.

3. Now press the reset button and your dryer with the shock protection plug will be operable and the power switch of your dryer may be turned on for normal use.

4. If this appliance does not operate in the proper functioning condition, it should be either returned to an Andis Authorized Service Station for examination and repair, or discarded.

VOLTAGE SELECTION: First, be sure switch is in the "OFF" position before attempting to change voltage selection. To set to the required voltage, turn selector unit slot is in line wiht dot above required voltage marking. For use in the U.S.A., the voltage seletor switch should be placed in the 125 volt position. For use in several countries overseas, the voltage selector may need to be placed in the 250 volt position. Confirm the voltage available at each overseas locatoin