Andis SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer - Model BTF2

Andis SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer - Model BTF2



Andis SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer - Model BTF2

Cord / cordless trimmer with T-blade for shaping and trimming

Cord/cordless trimmerwith stainless-steel T-blade Fine cutting teeth for extremely close cutting trimmer carries enough charge for all day use; recharges to full power overnight dual voltage charger for worldwide use.

Cord/cordless trimmer with tainless steel T-blade Ideal for trimming beards, mustaches, necklines, outlining and edging around the ears. Fine cuttingteeth for extremely close trimming Dual voltage charger for worldwide use. Sleek ergonomic design contoured to fit your hand. Trimmer carries enough charge for all day average use; recharges to full power overnight Ni-MH battery for superior performance and less memory effect. Trimmer can be used with or without cord attachment.


Trimmer, Trimmer stand, 6 attachment combs (#1,#2,#2,1/4", 3/8", 1/2"), Dual voltage charger, Blade brush, Blade guard, Oil.

Congratulation! You went first class when you bought this Andis product. Careful workmanship and quality design have been the hallmarks of Andis products since 1922.

ATTENTION: The product you have purchased contains a rechargeable battery. The battery is recyclable. At the end of its useful life, under carious state and local laws, it may be illegal to dispose of his battery into the municipal wate stream.

USER MAINTENANCE: The internal mechanism of your trimmer has been perman

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Remove Andis cordless trimmer and AC adapter from carton. the dual voltage adapter will have tobe set manually to the correct voltage before pluging into an electrical outlet. In the U.S.A., adapter mustbe at 120V setting (Diagram A). Plug adapter into a 120V (or 240V AC outlet, as according to your local power standard). Note that the trimmer ON/OFF switch must be in the OFF position for the battery to charge. Plug adpater cord directly into the trimmer (Diagram B). The green light on the trimmer will turn on. The trimmer is not charged at the factory. Please recharge trimmer for 12 hours (overnight) before first use for maximum performance.

You can keep the trimmer plugged into the adapter when not in use. The adapter will maintain the battery at full charge and the green light will stay on. The unit has a Nickel Metal Hydride battery that cannot be Damaged by overcharging. However, we Recommend that the adapter be unplugged if the trimmer won't be used for seven or more days.

PLEASE NOTE: Nickel metal Hydride batteries have less "memory effect" than Nickel Cadmium batteries. memory effect caused by repeated short uses of the trimmer, followed by charging. the battery never fully discharges and, therefore, "forgets: how much energy it can store. In order to maximize the performance of your nickel Metal hydride battery, please follow these steps:

1. Oil blade. turn trimmer ona nd allow it to run until the blade slows significantly. It is not necessary to let the blade stop completely.

2. Turn trimmer off. charge overnight.

3. Conduct the above exercise every sixty days.


1. Make sure voltage is presnet at the wall outlet (confirm with an appliance you know is working).

2. Check to make sure adapter cord is plugged firmly into trimmer. Twist the adapter connector slightly to ensure good electrical connection. If failure to charge still exists, return trimmer to Andis or an andis authorized service station for examination and repair or replacement.