Africa Best NO LYE Dual Conditioning Relaxer System kit

Africa Best NO LYE Dual Conditioning Relaxer System kit



Africa Best NO LYE Dual Conditioning Relaxer System kit

with Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Every Africa's Best Relaxing step gives your hair the very best conditioning and protection. No-Lye Dual conditioning creme relaxer & Activator provides beautiful relaxing and maximum conditioning leaving hair soft, silky & healthy looking. Herbal decalcifying shampoo contains a color-change indicator telling you when your hair is cealn and free of relaxer residue. Herbal Deep conditioner super conditions and restores essential moisture, nutrients and vitamins to your hair. Once you try africa's best we are sure that you will agree it is the very best relaxer for your hair.

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1. Before mixing and applying, carefully read instructions provided in this kit.


Before every relaxer application, strand test your hair no matter how any times you have relaxed before.

a. Take a small section of your hair from the back of your hair line.

b. Mix activator (step 1) and creme relaxer (step 2) according to mixing instructions. Apply mixture evenly on unrelaxed area of hair.

c. After 8 minutes, smooth hair with even strokes. Leave mixture on hair for recommended time and continue to smooth.

d. With warm water, thoroughly remove relaxer from your hair. Apply a small amount of neutralizing shampoo (step 3) with color change. lather and rinse shampoo from your hair strands. Pink lather means relaxer is still on your hair. When the shampoo is completely white all the relaxer is rinsed from your hair.

e. Gently stretch strands. if your hair breaks easily, Do Not Relax your hair.

f. If strands is not straight enough, increase smoothing frequency for greater straightness do not exceed time guide for your hair type.

g. If skin allergy or irritation occurs do not relax your hair.


Use the wooden spatula to make a hollow center in the creme relaxer jar. Pour entire contents of activator bottle into creme relaxer jar. Mix vigorously until mixture is creamy and uniform in color. Remember: This creme relaxer is properly mixed only when the mixture is smooth, creamy, (no lumps) and uniform in color (no white streaks). NOTE: An improperly mixed creme relaxer can produce an unsatisfactory relaxing experience. Do not allow mixture to stand for more than 30 minutes prior to use.


a. Carefully detangles your hair with a large comb, being careful not to aggravate the scalp.

b. Part your hair into 4 sections, down the middle and from ear to ear.

c. put on protective gloves

d. Set timer as indicated by your strand test and the timing guide

e. Start applying the relaxer creme in the back sections. Make small 1/4inch parting and apply relaxer with the back of the wide tooth comb or with your fingers. Complete each section and leave the hair line edges for last.


If your hair has been relaxed before, apply only on the new growth. Never apply sooner than 6 weeks following your last treatment. Avoid spreading relaxer on previously relaxed hair. APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED WITIN 5 TO 8 MINUTES.


Spread down the entire length of your hair strands, section by section. Using a wide tooth comb, carefully comb through each section to insure even coverage. Do not tug, pull or force comb through tangles.


Smoothing your hair improves straightening. Use your fingers or the back of