Affirm Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer Kit (20 pack)

Affirm Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer Kit (20 pack)

Affirm Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer Kit (20 pack)

Affirm sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer is an innovative four-step sysstem which conditions the hair before, during and after relaxer service. This extraordinary conditioning relaxer contains argan oil, pequid oil and cupuacu cutter which nourish and moisturize dry hair and provide maximum scalp confort. Affirm beautifully relaxes all hair textures. It leaves hair silky straight, well conditioned and incredibly healthy-looking. Your client's hair will be soft glossy and free flowing.

Affirm Moisture Plus Conditioning Relaxer with Protecto for Dry Hair & Sensitive Scalp Formula (STEP 2) is an innovative four-step system in a guanidine hydroxide formula that provides maximum scalp comfort as it moisturizes dry hair and scalp.

. Suitable for all hair textures including color-treated hair (not bleached hair).

Custom Mix for Mild, Normal & Resistant Strengths

Kit Contents:

. qty 20 - 140 gr (4.9oz) jars of Creme Relaxer (Sealed for Freshness)

. qty 1 - 770 ml (26 fl oz) bottle of Liquid Activator

. Measuring Bottle

. Spatula

. Professional Instruction

For maximum performance, you will also need the following Affirm products (sold deparately)

5 in 1 reconstructor and / or Positive Link COnditioner

Normalizing shampoo

We also recomend affirm gentle assurance scalp protector for extra scalp comfort for all your sensitive scalp clients.

Warning: Read professional instruction sheet completely prior to application. Not all Warnings and directions carefully. The mixture of creme relaxer and the liquid activator contains guanidine hydroxide, contains alkali, avoid contact with eyes. can cause blindness. keep out of reach of children. when realxing color -treated hair, use mild strength only.

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  • Provides the client maximum scalp comfort and still offers optimal straightening.

  • Hair feels silky, well-conditioned and healthy-looking.

  • Removes easily from hair.

  • Color-treated hair, (not bleached hair), can be relaxed using the MILD strength.