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Hair Moisturizer

Everyone’s hair becomes fragile and brittle after coloring and processing. That is why following up with hair moisturizers/lotions prevents breakage and keeps hair healthy. Hair products range from deep conditioning moisturizers, scalp massaging oils and oil-based lotions.
Moreover, ethnic hair tends to be more sensitive to chemical processing and ultraviolet sunlight/heat. The reason is ethnic hair dries out under these conditions, leaving hair dull and unmanageable. Therefore, it is important to keep hair moisturized with hair lotions and essential oils. Those maintaining an Afro hairstyle must also keep hair and scalp moisturized. An Afro hairstyle will not keep neat if dryness and damaged hair follicles are present. Simple oil sheens and lotions work well with Afro styles.

Oil Lotions and Sheens:
Oil sheen and lotions from major hair care companies Soft & Beautiful, Fantasia, Duke, Motions and Luster's make dull hair moist and manageable. Many name brand products contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, tea tree and marula. Those with thinner hair may want to avoid oil moisturizers or try light oil so that hair is not weighed down.
Dry and damaged hair follicles need moisturizers, but your scalp also needs attention.
Applying scalp oil or scalp treatments containing olive oil or tea tree extracts will help moisten and wart off dandruff. Application of scalp moisturizers should occur once a week or as often as needed. Remember not all hair types and styles are the same. So look into hair products that fit your moisturizing needs.

Moisturizers - Creams and Lotions

When washing your hair, hair moisturizer is essential. Check out our affordable moisturizing conditioner selection & moisturizer for black hair from Texas Beauty Supply.

Moisturizers - Creams and Lotions