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Lustrasilk SET & STYLE LOTION - 16oz bottle

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Item #: 1505


Product Description


Ultra Conditioning Mega-Body Texturizing Concentrate

  • Locks-in Sets & Styles
  • Full Body Softness & Shine
  • Fast Drying & Long Lasting
  • Never Dulls or Flakes
  • Alcohol Free for Relaxed & Color-Treated Hair

    Don't give up on limp-lifeless hair! Now you can lock-in long lasting sets and styles with MEGA-BODY SOFTNESS and SHINE. Never dulls or flakes and it's alcohol free Silk protein conditioners aid in smoothing the hair shaft and mending split ends.

    Mixing Directions:
  • Normal Hair: (Not overly dry or damaged from chemical treatments): Mix 3 parts water to 1 part lotion.
  • TINTED, BLEACHED, OR PERMED HAIR: Mix 5 parts water to 1 part lotion

    Size: 16 fl oz
    Brand: Lustrasilk; Summary: lustrasilk set style lotion

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  • Lustrasilk SET & STYLE LOTION - 16oz bottle