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Hair Accessories

A braid full of beads is a fun and exciting way to dress up for a beach party or just to remind yourself that summer is on the way. Beaded braids, or cornrows, conjure images of island holidays with white sands and frosty tropical beverages. They are also an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle and perfect for the challenges of summer heat and humidity. The addition of beads gives the style extra swing and a colorful flair. You can braid your own cornrows, but for a neater, more polished look, it is best to recruit help.

Things you will need:
*Beads (pony beads work best, or any other bead with a large hole)
*A bead hook or string

How to Bead Hair:
1. Brush your hair thoroughly. This hairstyle works best if your hair is tangle-free. However, many people feel it is slightly easier to do if you have not washed your hair the day that you are planning on wearing the braids.
2. Mist your hair with the spray bottle. Do not soak your hair or the strands will become slippery and not hold the braids.
3. Pull a section of hair near your face forward. Make sure that there are no tangles in this section. It should be about the width of your thumb.
4. Braid the top part of the hair. When you have a braid about an inch long, use your thumb and your second and middle fingers to hold the braid in place
5. Thread a bead onto the bead hook with your other hand. Simply push the bead over the pointed end of the hook.

Various hair barrettes, hair beads, and ribbons available for all your styling needs. Selection will change from time to time due to inventory and product changes

Headbands, RubberBands, Ponytail Holders

Hair accessories add flair and sophistication to a plain mane. Choose low-priced from hair beads, ponytail bands, hair clips, colorful ribbons, hair barrettes and more.

Various hair barrettes and hair beads. Selection will change from time to time due to inventory and product changes.

Headbands, RubberBands, Ponytail Holders